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Magnum Series


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Clamco's revolutionary in-line printing and bag-making system offers powerful advantages over conventional baggers:

Optimizes low-cost polyethylene tubing for substantial material cost savings (also runs more costly bags on a roll)

In-line thermal transfer imprinting at over 300 dpi, (Windows® driven)

Bag lengths can be changed electronically, reducing material inventory and cost

Today's ideal solution - for a vast array of food, medical, industrial and retail products!

This exclusive bagging system brings you up to 40% savings over conventional material costs, and much more:

Unique compact design, very affordable price

Easy integration with most brands of automatic feed systems (auger fillers, scales, counters, conveyers, disk loaders, etc.)

Clamco's "Total Systems" advantage - systematic solutions with innovative quality packaging equipment, application engineering, systems integration, professional distributors and responsive service programs - all backed by our 50+ years of experience!

Standard Features:

 •Programmable logic controller, self-diagnostics, funnel, adjustable stand, casters, HD foot pedal

Optional Printer Standard Features (in-line thermal transfer):

 •305 dpi, Windows® driven, speeds up to 8"/sec, 5" ribbon, ribbon save


 •Accumulating funnels, custom load shelf, 220/240V, deflator, dual palm buttons, check weighers, counters, conveyors, larger pass-thru, larger seal width, software, stand-alone printers - many other customized options also available


Model Magnum Force Magnum
Material(s) polyethylene tubing and/or pre-opened bags (rolls) pre-opened bags (rolls)
Bag width range
2" - 12" tubing
(2" - 14" bags)
2" - 14" bags
Bag length range
3" - 90" tubing
(3" - unlimited bags)
3" - 24"
Feed rate 25"/sec 25"/sec
Controller PLC PLC
Film gauge .0015 - .004 thick .0015 - .006 thick
up to 40 ppm tubing
(up to 70 ppm bags)
up to 70 ppm
Electrical requirements 120V @ 20 amps 120V @ 15 amps
Air requirements 80 psi 80 psi
Overall dimensions 30"L x 30"W x (adj. ht.) 30"L x 30"W x (adj. ht.)

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Model 50: Hand Sealing Irons




 •Accurately balanced and durably constructed

 •Thermostatic heat setting control 175° - 550°F

 •Seals all heat-sealable materials

 •Available with Teflon® shoe for sealing soft plastics

 •Grounded shoe

 •Aluminum shoe

 •Heavy duty rod type heat element may be quickly replaced

Hand Sealing Irons:

 •Model 50 - 110V, 150W

 •Model 52 - 220V, 300W

 •Add "T" to model number for Teflon® covered shoe recommended to seal polyethylene and other plastic film.

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Model 70: Constant Heat Bag Sealers




 •Heavy molded plastic

 •300 watt, 110 volt, 60 hz.

 •Forms an 1/2" seal, 6" wide

 •Lightweight, portable, hand operated

 •Adjustable thermostat for temperature control

 •Seals cellophane, polyethylene, or laminated polylined bags in light duty production application

 •Perfect for labs, home freezer, packaging, candy, bagging, produce bagging, medical and dental packaging and industrial parts

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Model 210: Impulse Bag Sealers



Ideal for:

 •Shipping departments


 •Mail rooms

 •Retail counters

 •Parts departments

 •Low volume production lines


 •Sample rooms

 •Medical centers


 •Low cost, thrifty to use

 •Lightweight, portable table model

 •Fast impulse sealing of all type of plastic bags, including many laminates

 •Seals thin as well as thick materials

 •Just plug in and use, no warm-up needed

 •No hot surfaces when not sealing

 •Dependable time/temperature control

 •Sturdy cast aluminum construction

 •Band-type seal is liquid and air-tight

 •Grounded 3-prong cord included as standard

 •Teflon® covered sealing elements


Model 210-8:

 •Maximum bag film thickness 5 mil

 •Seal length 8"

 •Weight 7 lbs.

Model 210-12:

 •Maximum bag film thickness 5 mil

 •Seal length 12"

 •Weight 11 lbs.


Option: Wire element instead of band element for Edge Seal and Trim.

Electrical requirements 110 volt (standard outlet) 3-prong, grounded plug.

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Model 224: Portable Impulse Sealers




 •The portable, lightweight sealing unit weighs only two pounds. It goes anywhere to seal small bags or large equipment covers. It provides a perfect air-tight and damp-proof seal every time.

 •A long 8-foot kind-proof cable connects the lightweight sealing unit to an impulse generator. The impulse generator weighs only ten pounds.

 •Handy 10" sealing jaws provide ample capacity for many different sealing application.

 •Both Teflon® covered jaws provide heat for a fast, positive seal on all types of heat sealable material.

 •No preheating is required.

 •The time-temperature cycle is precisely controlled by a solid state electronic timer adjustable from a fraction of a second to five seconds.

 •The transistorized, solid-state generator operates in any position, provides extended versatility for bag sealing.

 •Seals up to two 10 mil film thicknesses.


 •Maximum film thickness two 10 mil thicknesses

 •Seal 10"

 •Electrical supply 110V, 60 Hz.

 •Impulse generator 4"W x 7"H x 8"D

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Model W-51: Trimseal Machines



For hosiery, undergarments, knit goods, greeting cards, sporting gear and snack foods, motorized foot-pedal sealers for polyethylene and polypropylene bags. Seals, trims comparable to side weld seam.



 •Adjustable power control for fast selection of best sealing element temperature for polyethylene or polypropylene bags up to 2 mil thickness.

 •Long lasting sealing element makes bead seal comparable to side weld seam; trims off excess.

 •Handy connection for plant air or small compressor.

 •Efficient air jet blows away scrap after bag is sealed and trimmed.


Trimseal Machines, Foot-Pedal Operated

Model Capacity Power
W-51-12 Up to 12" bags 110V, 160W
W-51-16 Up to 16" bags 110V, 210W
W-51-24 Up to 24" bags 110V, 320W

Trimseal Machines, Motorized

Model Capacity Power
W-51-12MA Up to 12" bags 110V, 160W
W-51-16MA Up to 16" bags 110V, 210W
W-51-24MA Up to 24" bags 110V, 320W

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Model W-280: Motorized Polysealers

For air and watertight sealing of polyethylene bags used for packaging food, dry goods, hardware and miscellaneous manufactured products.


 •For uniform, strong, attractive seals, unit uses patented low voltage heated band with Teflon® cover.

 •When new Teflon® is needed it is easily replenished from reserve supply.

 •Rapid warm-up takes only two minutes from turn-on.

 •Portable unit can be operated by standing or seated operator. Easy to move, conveniently stored.

 •Convenient foot switch gives single-cycle sealing or continuous-cycle sealing when kept depressed.


Motorized Polysealers

Model Capacity Power
W-280-12MA 1/8" seal; 12" bags 110V, 160W
W-280-16MA 1/8" seal; 16" bags 110V, 200W
W-280-24MA 1/8" seal; 24" bags 110V, 320W

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W400 Series: Impulse Sealers



 •Impulse type sealing arms are electromagnetically activated with foot pedal switch.

 •Heat is applied by both upper and lower sealing bars for a positive liquid and airtight seal. No preheating is required. Both sealing bars are cool when not in use.

 •The seal width is approximately one-eighth inch.

 •An audible time-temperature cycle indicator is included on all standard units. The audible indicator is not provided on units with optional dwell control.

 •The time-temperature cycle is precisely controlled by a solid state electronic timer. It is infinitely adjustable from a fraction of a second to five seconds for sealing a wide variety of films and film thicknesses.

 •On heavy films, the operator can allow more time for a seal to set, after completion of the sealing cycle, by keeping the foot pedal depressed.

 •Teflon® covering prevents film from adhering to sealing bars during cycle.



 •Maximum film thickness two 10 mil thicknesses

 •Bag sizes to 12" wide

 •Machine dimensions 14"W x 7"H x 10"D


 •Maximum film thickness two 10 mil thicknesses

 •Bag sizes to 16" wide

 •Machine dimensions 18"W x 7"H x 9"D


 •Maximum film thickness two 10 mil thicknesses

 •Bag sizes to 24" wide

 •Machine dimensions 26"W x 7"H x 9"D

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450 Series: Automatic Impulse Sealers


The Model 450 is designed for continuous production, sealing thermoplastic films such as polyethylene and polypropylene. The Model 450 operates on the impulse sealing method, controlled by a plug-in transistorized circuit board.

By utilizing controlled electronic timers and the uniform pressure provided by an electromagnet, the Model 450 eliminates operator error in the sealing operation. Once the correct control settings have been established, consistent seals will be maintained automatically, making the last seal as perfect as the first seal.

The Model 450 is ideal for sealing operations in the packaging of candies, food, stationery, drugs, tools, automotive parts and a variety of other products.


 •Automatic recycling

 •Variable dwell control

 •Manual mode for foot pedal control

 •Seal pressure controlled by an electromagnet

 •Operates in horizontal or vertical position

 •Solid state components on a plug-in circuit board


 •Power 110V/600W

 •Maximum seal length 16"

 •Seal width 1/8"

 •Material capacity (thickness) 6 mils

 •Heat timer 0 - 2 seconds

 •Dwell time 0 - 4 seconds

 •Recycling 0 - 6 seconds

 •Shipping weight 50 lbs.

 •Dimensions 21"W x 14"D x 8"H

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Bench Mounted Sealers


For foods, retail products and industrial supplies. A model for every bag size up to 36"; a jaw for every bag material and a seal as strong as the bag itself. Greater durability and operation equal to more expensive methods of sealing.


 •Heat indicator assists in proper temperature selection.

 •For minimum wear and maximum service, there's only one moving part.

 •Accurate thermostat controls sealing temperature of upper and lower jaws for strong, attractive, watertight seal.

 •Strong 1/4" seal matches bag strength; wide seal available.

 •Red safety pilot warns operator that jaws are hot; reminds operator to turn off machine at end of day.

 •Choice of jaws: Teflon®, plain metal, and serrated metal.

 •Simple to maintain in the field. All electrical components easily replaced in minutes without special tools.

 •All sealing jaw surfaces are heated evenly by durable heating cartridge. 

 •No hot or cold spots.


For Laminated Bags With Poly Liner (Plain Jaws)

Model Seal Width Seal Length To Power
230 7/8" 8 1/4" 110V, 400W
231 7/8" 10" 110V, 500W
232 7/8" 12" 110V, 500W
233 1" 16" 110V, 600W
234 1" 24" 110V, 800W
235 1" 36" 110V, 1300W

For Cellophane And Polycel Bags (Serrated Jaws)

Model Seal Width Seal Length To Power
240 1" 8 1/4" 110V, 400W
241 1" 10" 110V, 500W
242 1" 12" 110V, 500W
243 1" 16" 110V, 600W
244 1" 24" 110V, 800W

For All Polyethylene Bags- Universal Sealer (Teflon Jaws)

Model Seal Width Seal Length To Power
250 1/4" 8 1/4" 110V, 400W
251 1/4" 10" 110V, 500W
252 1/4" 12" 110V, 500W
253 1/4" 16" 110V, 600W
254 1/4" 24" 110V, 800W
255 1/4" 36" 110V, 1300W

All models are supplied with pedal kit for foot pedal operation of bench mounted sealers.

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Model 825: Adjustable Stands

(For All Bench Mounted Sealers)




 •Tilt top for right-angle sealing.

 •Adjust quickly from 29" to 39" height.

 •Convenient, adjustable bag rest.

 •Pedal kit supplied with sealer, not included with stand.

 •Complete foot-pedal assembly is included with all models for bench mounting.


 •Dimensions 24"W x 14 1/2"D x 20-39"H

 •Weight 35 lbs.

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