Paper Products

Chem Stretch is a major supplier of a broad assortment of paper products used for wrapping and packaging. We can convert (slit, sheet and rewind) master rolls into sizes and quantities required by our customers. Some of the grades we handle are:

Kraft (Recycled & Virgin) Interleaving, pallet lining, paint masking, textile, carpet wrap, newspaper bottom wrap, bonding, carrier sheet, construction, and wrapping paper.

Gray Recycled Papers Brick interleaving, cage lining, absorption, interior void fill, bottom wrap, tray liners, internal wrapping. This paper is made from 100% post consumer waste, excellent for prospecting environmentally concerned customers.

Waterproof Papers Cable wrap, case and hatch covers for overseas shipments, concrete curing paper, carpet and rug wrap, inner carton liners, metal and pipe wrap, nursery and seedling wrap, railcar and truck liners.

Red Rosin Temporary floor covering to protect surfaces from walking traffic and paint drippings, economical multi-purpose building paper, slip-sheet between sub-floor and hardwood flooring to prevent squeaks.

Food Service Papers Butchers wrap, sandwich and lunchmeat wrap, freezer locker, steak papers, fish wrap, grocery stores and deli counters, pizza box liners, sign painting, schools, store window covering.

Textile Papers Plotter paper, separating tissue, wet waxed kraft, hecto copy paper for the garment trade.

Newsprint Interior stuffing and wrapping (especially china and glass), sandwich wrap, glass interleaving, retail packaging and void filler.

Movers Pads Moving and storage industry, furniture companies.

Kraft paper   Bogus Paper
Width Weight   Width Weight
18inch 40lb   18inch 40lb
18inch 50lb   18inch 50lb
24inch 40llb   24inch 40llb
24inch 50lb   24inch 50lb
30inch 40lb   36inch 40lb
30inch 50lb   36inch 50lb
36inch 40lb   48inch 40lb
36inch 50lb   48inch 50lb
48inch 40lb      
48inch 50lb      
54inch 40lb      
54inch 50lb      
60inch 40lb      
60inch 50lb      


Newsprint Paper
Size lb/Bundle lb/Skid
18 X 24 UNPRINTED 25 2000
24 X 36 UNPRINTED 25 2000
24 X 36 UNPRINTED 10 2000

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