Shrink Films


At Chem Stretch we believe that your individual applications require specific film characteristics. That's why Chem Stretch offers the perfect variety of Exlfilm® shrink film products to our clients. Now we can provide our customers with the difference...films that guarantee an attractive package.

These unique polyolefin shrink films are available in a wide choice of gauges, widths and film designs, including print-treated and perforated. All Exlfilm® shrink films comply with FDA standards for direct contact with food and are 100% recyclable.

Chem Stretch distributes Intertape™ Shrink Films, and shares their vision to improve its product line beginning with a commitment to R&D. Dedicated to creating industry standards, IPG has engineered its unique Exlfilmplus™ family of cross-linked films which seal on all types of equipment and across a wider range of temperatures.

A process which binds the polymer chains into a network, significantly increasing a film’s heat stability and strength.

Shrink Films


ExlFilm Shrink

ExlValue Shrink Film

ExlFilm HSP

ExlFilm QSL

Exlfilm Plus

Exlfilm Plus LTG

ExlFilm Plus LTF

Exlfilm Sizing Chart 3.5" x 2" Card  
ExlFilm "Winning Ticket" Flyer  
ExlFilm AF


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