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Chem Stretch distributes a broad range of steel and plastic strapping, standard and custom engineered unitizing equipment: from handheld, manual and pneumatic tools, semi and fully automatic strapping machines, stretch wrap machines and labelers, to large turnkey packaging and unitizing systems.

Polyester Strapping

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Steel Strapping

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Polyester Strapping


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Industrial Strength Polyester Strapping - Your safe, secure, flexible cost saving solution.

Customers today are experiencing the many cost saving advantages and performance benefits associated through the use of polyester strapping over other packaging alternatives.

Manufactured to the tightest industry tolerances, Chem Stretch's polyester strapping is AAR approved for use with brick and lumber. It has excellent retained tension properties which makes it ideal for heavy duty loads that require good initial tension as well as retained tension which keeps the strap tight around the load even if the package settles and shrinks in size.

Since polyester strapping uses either a heat or friction seal to weld the strap, there is no need for metal seals. Further savings can be realized through the cost per foot and most importantly perhaps, invaluable savings through a reduction in damage to your products through the use of seals or staining.


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Polypropylene Strapping


The most economical of all strapping material, polypropylene is a light weight strapping that can be used for a variety of bundling applications. It is available in a wide variety of sizes and gauges and offers the greatest elongation of all strapping and has good initial recovery characteristics. Chem Stretch polypropylene can be heat sealed with a joint efficiency of 70 to 80%. By nature, polypropylene strapping is very flexible and has the ability to mold to contours of odd-shaped or irregular shaped packages.





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Steel Strapping

Steel Strapping is available in a wide range of sizes and gauges to accommodate your strapping requirements. Our edge conditioned strapping ensures a safe, rounded edge that is problem-free during application. Our High Tensile and Heavy Duty strapping conforms to Government, Railroad and ASTM specifications and is marked in accordance with the requirements of the Association of American Railroads.





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Seals & Buckles

Samuel Strapping Systems offers a complete line of seals and buckles for steel, polyester, polypropylene and cord strapping. Our seals are designed for use in a wide variety of tools and equipment and can be imprinted with your company logo for a nominal fee. Our buckles are designed for use on plastic and cord strapping applications where the strap is buckled by hand.





Plastic Seals & Buckles

Friction Weld

Heat Seal

Metal Seal

Plastic Buckle

Wire Buckle

Steel Seals & Buckles


Fast and easy to use, open seals can be placed over the strap before or after tensioning.


The strap is pre-threaded through the seal prior to tensioning. The overlapping flange feature provides the required strength as the tensioner pushes against the edge of the seal.


Also referred to as closed seals, the strap is pre-threaded through the seal prior to tensioning.


Used for heavy duty or high tensile, the open flange allows placement over the strap, before or after tensioning.


These securely stacked seals are easily loaded into combination strapping tools or power strapping machines.


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